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Foreign Ministry concern over adoption of orphans by homosexuals

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Kazakhstan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges adoption agencies to more diligently check foreign citizens wishing to adopt orphans in Kazakhstan in order to prevent children from living in same-sex families, reports Kazinform.

I call all adoption agencies reviewing documents of foreigners to study their papers as much carefully as possible and talk to them. We need to prevent children from getting to homosexual families at early stages of adoption procedures, he empasized.

Many countries with progressive democracy have Casey Johnson and Ava Monroe, the adopted girlCasey Johnson and Ava Monroe, the adopted girllegalized same-sex marriages and allowed such couples to adopt children...  The laws were adopted in the United States, Spain, Norway and Sweden. Germany and France are also considering the same step, he added. 

To recall, a few years ago a Kazakh girl was adopted by a famous American socialite and a Johnson&Johnson heiress, Casey Johnson, who has never hid her preferrence for women.

Messing around drugs she was several times caught shoplifting and had relationships with a famous model and TV Star Tila Tequila.

Alas, in January 2010, the 30-year-old Casey Johnson died from diabetes leaving her adoptive daughter an orphan once again, writes Express-K.

Soon, the little girl was referred to temporary caretakers - Casey's mother Sale Johnson and her husband, a professional American football player and NBC Sports play-by-play announcer Akhmad Rashad. But their marriage didn't last long.

According to Daily Mail, Sale and Akhmad have split, so it happens the young ex-Kazakh, which has already suffered a lot, will have to grow in a one-parent family.

March 1 2013, 10:45

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