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Almaty ex-mayor Khrapunov: Nazarbayev twice offered me PM post

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As said by the ex-mayor of Almaty, Viktor Khrapunov, now hiding in Switzerland, he was a number of times promised the post of Kazakhstan's prime-minister.

"You know, Nazarbayev twice told me "Viktor, get ready. Tomorrow you will be assigned the prime-minister." When tomorrow came, other person would be assigned a premier" Khrapunov recalls.

According to the ex-official, the president had insisted that he returns to Kazakhstan, however Khrapunov put an ultimatum - he will come back once he is officially appointed the head of the cabinet.

Khrapunov believes Kazakhstan is at risk to become another trouble zone in the world due to multi-vector foreign policy run by the country's authorities.

In the event of emergency, similar to Zhanaozen events, the United States may easily declare Kazakhstan an area of its strategic interests owing to billions of dollars invested in our natural reserve deposits. In their own sight, they will be right, because 40 billion dollars don't grow on trees. The Chinese will say the same. Then Kazakhstan may become a reason for clash between the two superpowers, warns Khrapunov.


February 27 2013, 11:42

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