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Khrapunov does not preclude coming back to Kazakhstan

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Viktor Khrapunov. Photo courtesy of www.viktor-khrapunov.comViktor Khrapunov. Photo courtesy of www.viktor-khrapunov.comFormer Akim (Mayor) of Almaty Viktor Khrapunov gave a hint that he could consider coming back to Kazakhstan in an interview to saying that he had never detached himself from the motherland. "This is the country that has brought me up and this connection is very strong," the disgraced politician said.

Speaking of whether he hypothetically views the probability of his political career in Kazakhstan, Khrapunov replied that the political career in a democratic country like Kazakhstan was quite possible for him. "Living in Europe now and seeing how the civil society is built here, I understand how far we are behind this system," he said.

Viktor Khrapunov used to hold high-ranking positions in Kazakhstan: he used to be Energy Minister, Almaty Akim (Mayor), East-Kazakhstan Oblast Akim (Governor) and Emergency Situations Minister. 

In April 2008 he immigrated to Switzerland where he currently lives with his family. 20 criminal cases against Khrapunov are being investigated in Kazakhstan. According to Kazakhstan investigators, the Khrapunovs family had transferred dozens of millions of dollars to foreign accounts.

On October 2012 Khrapunov's wife, Leila Khrapunova, was put on a wanted list in suspicion of a major fraud. In the end of November Geneva prosecutors froze all Khrapunovs' accounts in two Swiss banks, suspecting the family of money laundering.

Khrapunov calls all these claims politically motivated.

February 26 2013, 12:17

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