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What will the survived suspect tell us?

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A 20-year-old young man, the only one to survive in the yesterday's special operation in Kulsary aimed to apprehend terrorism suspects, will be transferred to Atyrau for further medical treatment. 

According to the sources in the Zhylyoi District Hospital, on September 12, a badly wounded young man, born in 1992 in the Makhambet District, was taken to the hospital at 11.20am from the Block 22 of Municipal District #1. The medics said he had infiltrative fragment wounds in his abdomen and his inner organs had been damaged, so he was urgently operated. Today, the suspect has recovered consciousness and in the shortest time, under convoy, he will be transported to the oblast capital.

- We received no other victims of the operation, said hospital personnel negating various rumors.

To recall, according to the official statement of the General Prosecution and the evidences provided by witnesses and our reporter, several blasts, possibly of self-made devices, occurred in the apartment before the assault was launched. Therefore, only the special task officers, and maybe the survived suspect may truly tell the way five terrorism suspects were killed.  

So far, no information is available about the other two young men captivated by special forces in the neighboring Block 36. 



September 13 2012, 17:15

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