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The Nassikha Market cleared of people after a bomb threat call (updated)

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The Trade Center Nassikha (also known as Rakhat Market) and its surrounds, including the part of the Makhambet Avenue, were cordoned after police received a call at 13.08 about a bomb hidden in the building.

All clients, salespeople and service personnel were evacuated from the premises. Lots of people stood behind the cordon tapes with no intention to disperse. After an hour and half, the residents of the neighboring apartment block, 116 Makhambet Street building, were urgently evacuated too, being allowed to take their IDs only. 

Minesweepers did not find a bomb in the building. The alert has been proven false and people were allowed to come into the trade center and apartments after 16.00. 


September 12 2012, 16:45

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