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13 international companies to hire 875 people

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875 people should be provided with jobs according to the memorandums the oblast akimat envisages to sign with the contractors of Agip KCO in early February.

"Starting February 4, they plan to sign memorandums with a number of companies including Isker, TemirZholKurylys Atyrau and KazStroyService, says the head of employment coordination department Goulbulat Amangaliyeva. - We are speaking of the Batys-Eskene railway construction project."

Besides, the oblast administration had distributed the Protocol of Intentions on Employment of Kazakh Citizens at a meeting with thirteen international companies in late January.

Under that document it is planned to employ 487 Kazakh nationals, most of which were released from the Bolashak project.

The protocol was developed within the framework of special conditions that foreign companies should comply to obtain licenses on intake of expatriate workforce to Kazakhstan.

"We are waiting for their proposed list of specialties and the number of job vacancies, says Amangaliyeva. - Signing of the protocol is expected for the first ten days of February."


February 4 2013, 16:07

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