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Blast in Atyrau: what is the story?

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Law enforcement bodies keep silence about the investigation over the explosion of a self-made bomb killing one person on September 5 in a private house in one of the Atyrau districts. Obviously, the investigators are working out versions, including the one related to terrorism. Therefore we only may refer to our sources outside of force structures and our own evidences.

The cordons were lifted on September 6. Currently forensic experts from Astana are uninterruptedly working in the room where the explosion took place. Our reporter managed to see the place of the detonation. In the foreside of the 5x10m house there is a hairdresser’s titled Ak Marzhan. One may enter the crime-scene room through the door in the back of the house only. Right after the doorstep was a big clotted blood stain, whereas no signs of smoke and striking elements on the light-green colored walls. Forensic experts were examining things in the room. When they saw the reporter, they politely asked him to leave the area, in order to not interfere with the investigation process. For this reason we could not shoot any photos of the scene.

Sources, not related to investigation, told us that the killed Nurlybek SAKAUOV, 21, was not a tenant – he, on business, came to the person who was renting the room. Apparently, they had been making bombs. One of the bombs exploded in Sakauov’s hands and tore off both his arms killing him instantly. Judging by the lack of striking element traces on the wall, the bomb was not stuffed with nails, bolts etc.

The blast was so strong that a hairdresser in the neighboring premise (the Ak Marzhan hairdresser’s) was wounded with a glass chip in face. She’s been shown medical help.

Police found another bomb near the corpse. The second man, the unhurt tenant, has been detained.  


September 8 2012, 17:02

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