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Former deputy governor of Atyrau Oblast Abdirov arrested (updated)

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January 31, Atyrau's financial police department apprehended Askar Abdirov [on photo], who was the deputy of ex-governor of Atyrau Oblast, Bergei Ryskaliyev.

Reportedly, the official was seen handlocked in the corridors of financial police headquarters.

Atyrau City Court No.2 has not received any materials concerning Abdirov.

"Finpol has 72 hours to submit materials in order to sanction his arrest. Likely, they will do that on February 3" the source said.

To recall, on 24 January 2013, the court sanctioned the arrest of Bergei Ryskaliev, ex-governor of Atyrau Oblast. Prior to this, his brother and former member of the Majilis [lower chamber of the parliament] representing Ak Zhol party Amanzhan Ryskali and several other heads of private companies were put into the wanted list.

His ex-first deputy Bolat Daukenov and the ex-mayor of Atyrau Askar Kerimov and a number of ex-department heads are currently under arrest.

Ex-governor Ryskaliyev, who is now internationally wanted, had five deputies.

After the appointment of new governor Baktykozha Izmukhambetov, Askar Abdirov was moved from Construction and Communal Department to power supplies and communal sector, which he supervised until yesterday.

Another deputy - Serik Aidarbekov’s appointment as the mayor of Atyrau, could be considered as going up the career ladder. Mereke Ismuratov resigned. Bolat Daukenov was arrested. Aigul Azhgaliyeva overlooks financial-economic issues and is the only deputy of Ryskaliyev to still hold her chair.

Ak Zhaik Reference: Abdirov Askar Amangalievich was born on 27 April 1972 in Atyrau. He received education in Atyrau Oil and Gas University (1994) as a mining engineer; Kazakh State Academy of Management (1999) as an expert in international economy.    

Member of Nur Otan party.

Job experience:

From 1994 – economist of Atyrau-Bakaleya JSC

From 1996 – Zhanar LLP Director

From1997 – chief specialist of economy department of Atyrau city administration

From 2001 – the head of Atyrau city economy and medium business department  

From 2002 – the head of Atyrau city department of economy and small business support and development  

From 2005 – the head of Atyrau city deprtment of economy and budget planning. From 2006 – deputy governor  of Atyrau city. From 2008 – the chief of Atyrau Oblast Governor’s staff

From September 2009 through January 2013 – deputy governor of Atyrau Oblast.

February 1 2013, 17:27

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