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On September 7, the city court #2 issued an arrest warrant in relation to Baurzhan DZHAISSANOV, the ex-head of the Atyrau Oblast department for energy and housing-communal services. 

According to Boranbai GALIEV, the head of media service of Atyrau Oblast Court, the sanction as per the application of the Oblast Prosecutor’s Office has been issued in the form of home arrest for 2 months. Dzhaissanov is being accused of the crimes as per the Article 176, part 3, items ‘b’ and ‘g’ of the RoK Criminal Code (appropriation and embezzlement of entrusted alien property).

Apparently, the arrest is connected with the results of the audit organized by the RoK Public Prosecutor’s Office (see ‘Stolen by Hard Work’).


September 8 2012, 14:52

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