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Ex-governor Ryskaliyev did not cross the border under his name

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According to an informal source in law enforcement bodies, Bergei Ryskaliyev, who had been the governor of Atyrau Oblast till August 2012, is now announced internationally wanted following the sanction on his arrest.

Official wanted bulletin will be published shortly. Officers have it at hand now. It is being distributed in all law enforcement bodies and public transport, says the source.

To the question if the criminal prosecution authorities know, at least presumably, Ryskaliyev's location, the source said the ex-governor is being searched in all apparent directions.

"They only know that he did not cross the border using his ID. At least there are no records of him crossing" the source added.

To recall, on January 23, Bergei Ryskaliyev was in absentia accused of budget embezzlement and abuse of power.

On January 24, court santioned his arrest.

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January 30 2013, 16:39

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