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Where are the brothers and Nakpayev and who the public prosecutor had in mind?

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Vladimir Pak, member of Oblast MaslikhatSo far, whereabouts of ex-akim of Atyrau Oblast, as well as ex-deputy akim Salimzhan NAKPAYEV (convicted for ‘Arbitrariness’ to 4 years of imprisonment as per Article 327, part 3 of RoK Criminal Code) is unknown. 

To recall, Askhat DAULBAYEV, the Public Prosecutor, during his speech in front of the core group of the party stated: ‘I lodged an objection to the Supreme Court, and I think, the Court will pass the fair and legal decision on this case.’

According Anzhela KHAN, the Deputy Head of Media and Public Relations Department of the RoK Supreme Court, the decision in the Supreme Court has not been made yet, because the consideration of the case in the supervising instance has been scheduled for September 11 of this year.

‘AkZhaik’ tried to find out whereabouts of Nakpayev, who, as the Public Prosecutor confirmed our version (see Home Alone), in his letters to the President reported about the facts of high profile corruption and stealing of state property happening in the Akimat of Atyrau Oblast. By doing so, he actually initiated the public prosecutor's audit which led to resignation of Bergei RYSKALIEV.

As we previously wrote, in July Nakpayev was transferred to Astana from the Atyrau prison due to the fears for his life. However, Galymzhan KHASSENOV, the Chief of Press Service of the Committee for Penal Correctional System (PSC) with whom we talked over the phone, said that he is not in Astana correctional facilities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Well, look for him in the other facilities.

Today, the source from local law enforcement agencies reported that in the mid July the convicted Nakpayev was transferred indeed, but not to the Akmola prison, but to the pre-trial detention center of DKNB of Astana. The reason for transference being ‘for the needs of investigation’, so that national security of the capital city could call him anytime for interrogation. We also failed to receive information from KNB with regard to if the ex-deputy akim Nakpayev is still kept in an isolation centre or after the announcement of the objection of the public prosecutor, his sentence was changed (probably, in a private way) for his cooperation with the investigation group.

Concerning the main star of General Prosecutor’s speech (see Stolen by Hard Work) – a mysterious businessman, whose affiliated companies used to win almost all tenders in Atyrau, the sources in the Akimat surely stated that it was the member of the Oblast Maslikhat Vladimir PAK (people who know him personally claim his name was Vadim before he changed his ID). He is the one who owns US-99 LLP and a range of other companies (AtyrauInzhStroy LLP, MunayKurylyService Ltd, AtyrauPolymerStroy LLP, etc). It was him whose wife worked in AtyrauStroyProekt, the design & estimate development company mentioned by General Prosecutor. 

Vladimir (Vadim) Pak is a close friend of businessman Rustem ALIBAKASSOV, Bergei Ryskaliyev’s brother-in-law. The friends used to share major tenders over the last several years.

With regard to the location of Bergei Ryskaliyev and his brother, the member of the RoK Parliament Majilis, their people told that both are within the Kazakhstan border. Officials in law enforcement agencies are still ‘not aware’ if the brothers are free, detained or under home arrest. The annoying question of how long will it continue like this has started irritating both the supporters and opponents of Ryskaliyev brothers. It doesn't seem to depend on force structures – it is the matter of top political echelon.


September 7 2012, 16:42

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