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Johnson & Johnson to Pay $72Mln for Talcum Powder That Killed US Woman

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Image 0A Missouri state jury has ruled that pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson must pay 72$ million in damages to the family of an American woman who died of cancer caused by the company's talcum powder.

A St. Louis court awarded the family of the deceased woman $10 million in actual damages and $62 million in punitive damages, Reuters reported, citing the plaintiff's lawyer.

Jackie Fox, 62, of Alabama, died of ovarian cancer in 2015. Two years prior to that, she had filed a lawsuit with 60 others against the multinational corporation. Fox claimed at the time that the disease had been triggered by long-term use of the company's powder, containing talcum.

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The ruling on the monetary award to the Fox family was issued late on Monday. The family's lawyers stressed that this is the first trial, among over a thousand of similar claims, that has been resolved in favor of the plaintiff.

Following the decision, a company spokesperson announced that Johnson & Johnson would mull over an appeal to the US Supreme Court.

Source: sputniknews

February 24 2016, 11:49

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