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​Statement by the director-general of KazTAG information agency

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Image 0On February 22 at 9:30 the representatives of the national bureau for corruption combat of Almaty arrived to the office of KazTAG news agency and forcibly drove me into the building of anti-corruption service by 10.00 am.

At the same time, my father , head of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, Seitkazy Matayev called me and said that while leaving his house he was forcibly brought to the anti-corruption agency.

At the same time, according to the presented earlier summons to appear, I had to come by 10.00, and Seitkazy Matayev - by 15.00. Under current law, a forced delivery may be applied if an individual hides from the investigation. For this purpose, three times we flew to Astana, although these investigations could be held in Almaty.

There was no reason even to suggest that we would not arrive at the scheduled time. That is, without any justification, we were recorded as the violators of the law long before the interrogation.

From the side of anti-corruption services there were violations, as our lawyers have filed a series of complaints, which are being considered by the courts of Astana and Almaty, as well as by the prosecutor's office. In the time of our forceful delivery to the anti-corruption agency, our lawyers Andrey Petrov and Madina Bakiyeva were waiting for the flight in Astana to process a complaint about the actions of anti-corruption services. Head of the investigation group Saken Taubaldy was well aware about it as well as the representatives in the national bureau of anti-corruption service. Nevertheless, they have violated our constitutionally guaranteed right for defense and the questioning was appointed at a time when we were deprived of qualified legal assistance, in breach of the Article 13 item 3 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Everyone has the right for qualified legal aid."

Despite the fact that the amount of the alleged damage caused by us was not even identified, we were accused of large-scale embezzlement and seized property. The amount of alleged damage was calculated by some auditing company without any available documents, but on the basis of anti-corruption service data. This audit was allegedly written in a test mode and the auditing company will not carry responsibility for it. So it was written in the anti-corruption audit services.

The audit check by the State Revenue Department of Almaty has also been made in haste and written "without provision of documents." At the same time the National Press Club offered to conduct an independent audit to establish the true figures that show the truth, but this proposal for some reason, was not taken into account.

With all of this in its press release the anti-corruption service of Almaty obviously calls us as criminals, officially stating that "the corruption and economic crimes committed by Matayev are serious", although they must know well the content of the Article 77 item 3 subpoint 1 “An individual is innocent until his guilt is established by legally effective judgment of a court." Today anti-corruption service management violated the presumption of innocence officially.

Today's press release and the press conference conducted by the anti-corruption service means a regular pressure on the staff of the National Press Club, the news agency KazTAG and the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan. Since the beginning of January 2016 our staff has been facing numerous confrontations and investigations. Our family during that time learned about all the power of pressure from the security forces in the form of surveillance, night visits for interrogations and young children learned what the anti-corruption service is.
My position, as well as my father's position remains the same, because the truth is on our side. We are not guilty, in our work we clearly followed the letter of the law.

By their actions, the anti-corruption service staff demonstrated a clear failure to comply with the Article 34 point 1 of the Constitution, which states: "Everyone shall uphold the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and respect the rights, freedoms, honor and dignity of other persons."

Director general of KazTAG news agency Aset Matayev

February 23 2016, 10:59

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