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Karaganda region governor thanks foreign investors in English (VIDEO)

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Akim (governor) of Karaganda region Nurmukhambet Abdibekov thanked foreign investors in English for their contribution to region's economy on Friday, Kazinform has learnt.

"Presently 61% of region's population speaks Kazakh. 92.3% of locals speak Russian, 7.6% - English and 4% speak three languages. In order to set the example, last year I promised that I will use the English language in my report and today I want to address foreign investors," governor Abdibekov said.

He went on to thank foreign investors in English for their contribution to the development of region's economy and invited potential investors to implement their projects in Karaganda region.

"More than KZT 63 billion of foreign investment was attracted to the region over the past five years," the governor added.

Besides, governor Abdibekov reported on the results of socioeconomic development of the region in 2015 and plans for the future.


February 19 2016, 17:52

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