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Kazakhstan has one of world's most miserable economies according to Bloomberg

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Image 1Kazakhstan has one of the world's most miserable economies, according to Bloomberg.

Bloomberg's ranking of 63 world's most miserable economies is compiled by adding a country's jobless rate and inflation, a long-standing calculation in which a higher score indicates more misery.

Venezuela's 159.7 tally for the 2016 misery index done by Bloomberg quadruples the next-worst ranking Argentina.

Thailand stays least miserable. Singapore debuts at second-best. Switzerland, Taiwan and Japan keep top-five status from 2015.

Misery index calculations were compiled using the median estimates in Bloomberg economic surveys from the past three months. Figures for 2015 inflation and unemployment data reflect the average over the year and use the most current data available for each country.

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February 5 2016, 10:01

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