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Air Astana, Air France-KLM ink codeshare deal

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Image 0Kazakhstan's national carrier Air Astana signed a codeshare agreement with Air France-KLM, the Kazakh airline said Feb. 2.

A codeshare agreement is an arrangement between airlines that agree to share space with each other on certain flights in their schedules. This means that each airline publishes and markets the flight under its own airline designator and flight number as part of its published timetable or schedule.

“Now passengers of Air Astana will have access to connections to other countries through an extensive network of Air France-KLM, particularly to Europe, Africa, North and South America," said the airline.

Air Astana has been operating since 2002, and today it has a fleet of 30 aircraft of western production. Its route network includes over 60 international and regional destinations.

Air France-KLM is the largest European group of airlines and transports over 77 million passengers a year. Aircrafts of this group flies to 243 points in 103 countries.


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