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China is ready to build oil refinery in Kazakhstan

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Image 0During the crisis, only Chinese companies are interested in building the fourth oil refinery in the territory of Mangystau, Kazakhstan. Nowadays, Kazakhstan has a nourish idea with China.

According to Alik Aydarbayev, governor of Manystau region, Chinese oil mining companies see prospective future in this particular region. China has refinery constructions in Iran, Persian Gulf states and in Africa. Now, they tend to work close with Kazakh oil industry.

The delegates of Chinese companies told me that if there is a modern oil refinery, not with old backward technology, we will be able to sell ready oil products to developed countries.

According to him, the project is at the level of an idea at a present time.

Mr. Aydarbayev also noted that the Chinese companies have the competent policy in cooperation with local authorities. They assured that nobody will lose their workplace when Kazakhstan is in the difficult situation because of low oil price.


February 3 2016, 10:02

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