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Kashagan oil not to be transported via Kuryk Port yet – Aidarbayev

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Image 0Today at the Q&A conference in Astana, Governor of Mangystau region Alik Aidarbayev answered the question regarding transportation of Kashagan oil via Kuryk port.

“We have discussed the issue of transporting Kashagan oil via Kuryk Port which is located in Karakiyan district. Probably, the question will be raised again at the next stages of development of the Kashagan deposit," Aidarbayev said.

He explained that at the first stage ofdeposit's exploitation, all the oil from Kashagan will be transported to Karabatan plant and then via the CPC system (Caspian Pipeline Consortium) for export.

Recall that oil extraction at Kashagan deposit will be resumed this year. The planned output will make 7 mln tonnes at the initial stage. After then its volume will be increased up to 11 mln tonnes and later up to 13 mln tonnes.

In November 2014 the North Caspian Operating Company B.V. suspended production works in autumn 2013 for cracking of a 93 km oil pipeline. The company announced its preparation for the replacement of a pipeline on the offshore field of the Kashagan project which includes replacement of oil and gas pipelines.

The geological reserves of Kashagan deposit are estimated at 4 bln 800 mln tonnes of oil. The total reserves of oil make 38 bln barrels, 10 bln of which are extracted ones. The reserves of natural gas are more than 1 trln cubic meters.


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