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​Community market opened in Atyrau

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By Zulfiya Iskalieva

Image 3On December 26, “Saraishyk" community market located in Nursaya residential district was officially opened.

- Some people are dissatisfied with the fact that the market wasn't built in downtown area, but there is simply no place in the centre of the city. Nursaya is quite a densely populated distrct and it is constantly growing, - said the Governor Baktykozha Izmukhambetov at the opening ceremony. - Three bus routes have been opened to the market, and their number will be increased. We are planning to expand the road adjacent to the market.

I can't say that products here will be cheap, but compared to other markets, the prices will be lower, I guarantee. We fully control the prices of those products that are produced in our region. Gradually our projects will work in full capacity and I responsibly can announce that the assortment and quantity of goods will be increased in the future.

The market fairs of agricultural products near "Munaishi" sport complex and on S.Mukashev Boulevard near railway station are closed now. The new market had some similarity to old fairs. For example, the price of local eggs ranged between 18 to 22 tenge and were in high demand.

The market opening ceremony was scheduled for 11am, and the sellers didn't sell their products to “early birds", but waited for the opening ceremony. But as soon as the residents were allowed to buy, they rushed into the market and in excitement even smashed the glass counters where local eggs were sold. The Governor who was an involuntary witness of this agiotage, instructed that they should increase the number of trade places for poultry farms.

And like in Zhilgorodok market, the traffic movement near the market was controlled by road police. I don't know who gave them such instructions, but for some reason they didn't allow the drivers to take turning to the right so that they could enter the market parking area, but ordered them to park along the highway. As a result, there was a long chain of cars parking along the man road that stretched until the Palace of Ceremonies and it disturbed the traffic movement. The social network chatters immediately complained by posting comments that the residents of nearby residential districts, and those who travelled to airport were stuck in a traffic jam for 20-30 minutes. The authorities should solve this issue somehow, because unlike Sunday fairs, this community market will work every day, from 10am to 22pm. Once a month there will be sanitary day (deep cleaning).

Compared to other markets, the payment for one trade place is much lower here. In meat pavilion they pay 1 thousand tenge a day, in fish -800, in vegetable - 500, in grocery – 700, - says Askar Bisenov, the director of “Saraishyk" LLP that manages the market. – We give preferences to local producers who sell their goods directly without any intermediaries. We sell local products of the farm “Pervomaisky", “ Saraishyk", “Budene", “Almaly Kus", “Alga", etc. Meat is delivered nearly 100% by the local country farms, as well as vegetables.

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