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Overview: President’s messages in the Interview

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Image 0In an interview to TV journalists Erlan Igisinov and Beisen Kuranbek, Nursultan Nazarbayev responded to issues of concern to Kazakhstanis.

The President brought up a range of topics from the global economy and geopolitics to even dieting; from preservation of pension funds and other contributions to the philosophical reflections of the Kazakh society. presents an overview of the President's answers to the media.

The interview with the President is fourth in less than a month. And it is understandable: times are difficult, and the population is awaiting words of reassurance from the state leader.

The President once again stressed that despite the economic difficulties, the situation in the country is stable (which is most important), and the state will fulfill its social responsibilities in the form of increased salaries to state employees, pensions and benefits.

Nazarbayev cited statistics to confirm progress of the state industrial programs: Since 2010, 890 companies were launched, on which 3.8 trillion tenge was spent, and which made products the sum of 5.3 trillion.

Another important topic - pension savings: President explained the decision mentioned in the state-of-the-nation address on withdrawal of the SPSF from the National Bank's management. The key words in his explanation were "do not have to worry about", "ensure the safety" and "the state's 100 percent responsibility for the pension savings."

The rate of the ongoing legalization campaign is unsatisfactory, the President believes, and Kazakhstanis, who once withdrew their capital abroad, or keep it “under the mattress", are guaranteed financial amnesty, as he had assured time and again, urging them to invest these funds in Kazakhstan's economy before it is too late, reminding that he knows about each of our wealthy compatriots.

It is a direct message to Kazakh oligarchs, who were once helped by the state and whose duty is to pay back to the state in the crisis time.

On the official data, over the last 20 years, 140 billion cu were withdrawn from Kazakhstan to offshores.

Answering the question "Why all these spendings for hosting the EXPO, especially now?", the President said he did not regret this decision, referring to climate change issues raised at the 21st Climate Change Conference in Paris and that Green Economy is the main theme of EXPO-2017, which opens up splendid opportunities.

The word "independence" was recurrent in the interview. We will not give up our political sovereignty. Independence is our main value, he said.


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