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Replacement of Pipes at Kashagan Field is Ahead of Schedule, Says B. Izmukhambetov

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Image 0Work on replacing the pipes at the Kashagan field is ahead of schedule. This was announced by the Mayor of Atyrau region Baktykozha Izmukhambetov during the press conference in Central Communications Service under the President of Kazakhstan.

“This issue is under strict control in the Akimat. It is expected that these works will be completed on time – in the second half of 2016," said the Mayor.

Recall, in November last year, the company “North Caspian Operating Company" reported on the preparation of the project on replacing the pipeline on the Kashagan subsea field, due to which oil production was stopped. The project includes work on the replacement of the pipeline, designed for delivery of products to the installation of Integrated Oil & Gas Treatment Unit “Bolashak" and the replacement of the gas pipe. Oil production that was started in the fall of 2013 has been suspended due to cracking of 93-kilometer pipeline.


December 9 2015, 10:49

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