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French technology comes to Atyrau Refinery

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Image 0Production of industrial gases in the refining sector in Kazakhstan is displayed on outsourcing. Shareholders Agreement on creation of the Kazakh-French joint venture for the production of industrial gases was signed November 5, 2015 during the official visit of the President of Kazakhstan, NA Nazarbayev to France. The project partners are the subsidiary of JSC "NC" KazMunayGas "- JSC «KazMunayGas - refining and marketing "and a world leader in the production and supply of industrial gases French company «Air Liquide». The document was signed by Chairman of the Board of JSC "NC" KazMunayGas" Sauat Mynbayev and CEO «Air Liquide» Christophe Chalier.

Agreement provides for the withdrawal to the outsourcing of existing plants for the production of hydrogen, nitrogen and other industrial gases to refineries in Atyrau, as well as Pavlodar and Shymkent, ownership and management of installations, as well as the construction of outsourced new technical facilities for the production of industrial gases.

The project is supposed to transfer the know-how expluatation French partners who apply the best international practices in the production of industrial gases, compliance with the principles of "green economy" and increase energy efficiency in the manufacturing process. Geography of the company «Air Liquide» in the oil refining industry includes 80 countries, 410 plants for the production of atmospheric gases, more than 80 plants for the production of hydrogen and syngas.

In Kazakhstan, the task of the conclusion in the outsourcing of non-core assets and ancillary industries in national companies set at the state level. The President of Kazakhstan has repeatedly stressed the need for the concentration of Management, the national companies on the core business and increase the value of assets. The Kazakh side expects to increase the efficiency, reliability and flexibility in the production of industrial gases for the needs of the refinery of the country as a result of the participation of French experts.

The French side took an active part in the drafting, development of a pre-feasibility analysis of the feasibility of establishing a joint venture.

Parties conducted systematic preparation of the necessary documents to establish a joint venture in the framework of working groups set up and running since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between JSC «KazMunayGas - refining and marketing» and «Air Liquide» during the visit of French President F. Hollande in Astana in December 2014 year.

Supplies of nitrogen and hydrogen in terms of outsourcing is planned to begin in 2016.


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