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​Kazakh astronaut Aidyn Aimbetov arrived to Atyrau

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By Murat Sultangaliev

Image 0Briefing with participation of space pilot Aidyn Aimbetov was held at Atyrau branch of Central Communications Service.


- AIdyn Akanovich, you are the participant of the 5th scientific program of space researches and experiments of Kazakhstan onboard of ISS. Please tell about your contribution to implementation of this program.

- Space flight took place from September 2 to September 12. An extensive scientific program has been completed that was the continuation of scientific programs that started in 1991 by the fist Kazakh space pilot Toktar Aubakirov and continued in 1994, 1998 and 2001 by Talgat Musabaev. The program where I took part had several directions: medicobiological, physics, technology and psychophysiological experiments, and also monitoring of environmentally critical regions of our country, such as the bottom of Aral Sea and oil fields in the Caspian Sea.

- Did you see any inexplicable phenomena in space? Second question: are you religeous person?

- Before the flight I believed that there God. We have one God, but people have different names for God. During the space flight I experienced an unusual feeling …

- Toktar Aubakirov – the pioneer among Kazakhstan astronauts, Talgat Musabayev – top expert who set the record of working hours in outer space. Do you define a certain place for yourself?

- I don't aspire to achieve a certain place, I simply do my work.. And if I have an opportunity to perform one more flight, I will do so. I plan to continue work in the field of space reserach.

- Please tell about your work in young astronauts circle.

- In Astana in the Palace of schoolchildren I was the head of the circle of young astronauts where many schoolchildren became interested in space industry. Every year up to 600 schoolchildren used to enroll in that circle. My wishes to them – study well, gain good knowledge, think about your health and you can achieve your goals. The main thing is to be patience.

- Do astronauts have superstitious beliefs?

-Space pilots start to follow traditions at preparation period: candidates visit the village where Yury Gagarin was born. Near his house there is a water well, cadets have to drink a glass of water from that well. Usually they visit the place at the beginning of March on the day when Gagarin was born. Water in that well at that time is ice cold and we are afraid that we can catch cold, but nevertheless we drink it.

At Baikonur there is a tradition: the crew that is preparing for space flight should watch the movie "White Sun of the Desert". There is another tradition - to leave autographs on a door of the hotel before the flight. There is also a tradition: on the way to spaceport the bus stops and you all know that tradition (that tradition was set by Yury Gagarin who on April 9, 1961 asked to stop the bus and peed on the back right side wheel – M.S.).


- How the space crew is met after landing on Earth?

- Each astronaut get an Almaty aport apple. This is a very aromatic and tasty apple. All astronauts love it. But from scientific point of view it is also a test for functioning of different organs of the body after we returned from space. Starting from the moment when astronaut holds an apple – the work of small motility of fingers is tested. By the way he bites an apple - coordination of his movements is estimated, by the way he chews – his perception and primary adaptation in the conditions of terrestrial gravitation is assessed.

- Do you still drive planes?

- In order to continue to drive military aircrafts you need to occupy a relevant military position, otherwise it is a violation of the law. After I was trained specifically as an astronaut, I set a goal to do my best for development of space industry of Kazakhstan. And I will, most likely, continue to drive planes in aero club or at aviation center. That's what I, probably, would do …

- What is your current position?

- Currently I work at the Kazakh institute of space equipment and technology as the deputy director.

- Please tell about the Kazakhstan program for assembling of space satellites.

- An assembly and design engineering bureau for production of satellites is currently under construction in Astana. Our country soon will be able to produce space satellites of various class levels, and not only for our needs, but also on request from other countries.

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