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​Tim Miller leaves, his deputy will become TCO's new CEO

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By Zulfiya Bainekeeva

Image 0Tim Miller resigns from the position of Tengizchevroil's CEO as of November 1.

These rumors have been spreading for a long time, but TCO's press service represented by one of its employees Svetlana Kairgaliyeva to our question gave the following reply on October 14: "There is no such information", once again confirming unpublicized status of TCO as the most closed company for the press.

We managed to find out that after five years of work in Atyrau (he replaced on this position the previous CEO Todd Levy in September of 2010) Tim Miller will stay in Kazakhstan as the managing director of one of Chevron's divisions in Almaty.

Theodor Etchison, the current CEO deputy, who is responsible for production issues, will become TCO's new CEO.

On photo:Tengizchevroil's CEO Tim Miller (Photo from Ak Zhaik archive).

October 24 2015, 11:44

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