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​Cold snap and wet snow in the western regions of Kazakhstan

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Image 0Weather forecast for 8-10 October, 2015 from Kazhydromet.

Over the Central Ural Mountains the deep cyclone has been formed that will remain there in the next three days. Related cold atmospheric fronts will be displaced, first, to the western areas of Kazakhstan, then to the northern and central regions, causing on its way cold snaps and rains, and in the West - wet snow during the night. ]

One more cyclone is forming over the southern part of the Caspian Sea, and will move through the southern areas to the east of the republic. With forward part of a cyclone to this territory a warm air from the regions of Iran will arrive and cause increase of daytime temperature in the South and the southeast up to +25-33 degrees C, in the east up to +20-28 degrees C. On Friday and Saturday in the south, in the daytime on Saturday in the East of Kazakhstan this cyclone may cause intermittent rain.

Source: Kazhydromet

Translated by Zeena Urynbassarova

October 7 2015, 11:58

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