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​New shopping centers and hotels will be built in Atyrau - Mayor

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By Zulfiya Iskalieva

In the next few years the architectural look of the city will considerably change, a few interesting facilities will be built in Atyrau, - said the Mayor of the city, Nurlybek Ozhaev to the journalists.

At the recent meeting of town-planning council the housing complex project has been approved that “Talant Construction" company is going to build near the Orthodox Cathedral.

Next year several new shopping centers will appear in Atyrau.

Soon the foundation stone will be laid for MEGA-center. It will be the copy of the Munich center and the location was chosen along airport highway.

Negotiations are ongoing with the world hotel network- RIXOS for the construction of “RIXOS" hotel in Atyrau.

The memorandum for providing special offer only for the residents of Atyrau has been previously signed. For this purpose the representatino office of "RIXOS" will be open here.

Cyclists have the cycle path along the airport highway that was presented during the celebration of the City Day.

Let's hope that the embankment now will become quieter.

By the way, the city authorities intend to involve businessmen for development of river side - the favourite leisure area of citizens. And not only for opening points for various services but also to contribute to esthetic appearance of the river embankment.

The Mayor Nurlybek Ozhaev as an example said about Merlion - the statue of a lion fish erected in Singapore. The fish tail of Merlion symbolizes the beginning of history of Singapore as a fishing settlement. Our city also is famous for fish and, therefore, the monument to a sturgeon on our embankment would be to a place.
October 5 2015, 16:37

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