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Great Wall collapses after heavy raining

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The Great Wall of China may have survived the Huns and Mongol hordes, but widespread neglect, underfunding and mining means that it is now falling down.

Over the centuries, bad weather has taken its toll. Indeed, the fact that the wall continues to stand at all is a tribute to the ingenuity of Ming dynasty engineers, who mixed sticky rice into the wall’s mortar. The chemical bonding between the rice and the slaked lime was so tight that in many places weeds still cannot grow.
30 meter section of the Great Wall of China collapsed in the result of heavy raining in the Chinese province of Hebei.
On August 6, a similar collapse took place in the part of the wall near the city of Zhangjiakou. According to experts these were caused by strong waters flowing from nearest mountains. Works to restore the historical relic have commenced already and the experts are reinforcing other loose sections to prevent further collapses.  
Great Wall of China stretches 21,196km. 9,000 of the length were built during the rule of Ming Dynasty. According to the latest data, only 8.2% of the total wall length kept its initial look and 74% has received serious damage. The Great Wall of China is listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987.


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