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​Bird flu revealed in dead gannet in Atyrau region

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Image 0The Italian specialists have discovered the bird flu H5 N1 in the dead gannet in Atyrau region.

"The information about discovery of H5N1 virus in the dead gannet found in the district of Shalyga island in the Caspian Sea has been confirmed in the lab of bird diseases of the institute of zoo-prophylactics of Italy," said Alexander Ivasenko, representative of the state natural reserve Ak Zhaik.
In his words, "there is nothing tragic in it. It has been a single case, discovered in the dead gannet".
"Nobody knows where the gannet came from- from Azerbaijan, Iran or the natural reserve of Astrakhan. Each bird has its strain of the disease. It is like every person has cancer cells. In different situations, stress and others they may develop," he said.

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July 14 2015, 11:29

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