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Launch fireworks wisely

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According to chief expert of state fire department of Atyrau Oblast Vitali UMNOV, fire rate during New Year celebrations has increased in the past three years.

So, 3 fires occurred in 2010, 6 in 2011 (killing one) and 6 in 2012.

The most common reason for ignition was indoor use of pyrotechnical devices.

How to use pyrotechnical devices?

1. Read instructions properly;

2. Don't use old fireworks [with expired date];

3. Children should be under strict parental control;

4. Don't use damaged items (pack torn, bruises, moist);

5. Keep devices away from heating units and children;

6. Don't lean over a device after its fuse is lit and stay away for 5 minutes when it stops firing;

7. Don't launch a firework in a windy day;

8. Don't use it in crowded places.


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