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“Gulf allies, worried about Iran, show more muscle with U.S.”, “Booze booboo: Gorbachev admits USSR mid-80s anti-alcohol campaign 'too hasty”, “30 minutes of exercise is key to health in old age”

May 15 2015, 16:51 “Gulf allies, worried about Iran, show more muscle with U.S." - When President Barack Obama welcomes America's Persian Gulf allies to the White House and Camp David this week, he will be confronting a group of countries that are assertively strengthening their own alliance as a counterweight to Iran and staking out a new status quo with the United States. Obama invited the heads of the Gulf Cooperation Council -- a union of the oil-rich monarchies of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates -- for a summit beginning Wednesday night after reaching a nuclear framework deal in April curbing Iran's nuclear program. “Booze booboo: Gorbachev admits USSR mid-80s anti-alcohol campaign 'too hasty" - Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev acknowledges his anti-alcohol drive in the mid-1980s was a mistake, stressing that it should had been gradual and relentless. The campaign led to a spike in bootlegging and eroded the tax base. The USSR government headed by Gorbachev introduced an anti-drinking campaign in 1985, which was popularly dubbed 'Gorbachev's Prohibition'. “I believe the anti-alcohol campaign and how it was implemented was a mistake in the long run,"Gorbachev told Komsomolskaya Pravda media outlet. “30 minutes of exercise is key to health in old age" - Elderly men who do 30 minutes of physical activity six days a week are likely to have a 40-percent lower risk of death compared to couch-potato counterparts, researchers said Friday.

“Art collector leaves NY waitresses $100,000" - Maureen Donohue-Peters, a waitress at Donohue's Steak House, works in the restaurant in New York. A long-time patron at a New York steak house chalked up a surprising addition to his final tab: $100,000, given to his favorite waitress and her niece, AFP reports. Maureen Donohue-Peters, 53, got a call from a lawyer after Asian art collector Robert Ellsworth passed away, informing that her "something" had been left to her in his will.

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