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“The surprising downsides of being clever”, “Kazakh-Specific Keyboards Expected by End of 2015", "Kazakhstan's Massive Oil Field Is Finally Getting Repaired"

1 132 просмотрs “Kazakh-Specific Keyboards Expected by End of 2015" - A recently patented keyboard with comfortable positioning of Kazakh letters will be produced in Almaty and is expected by the end of the year, according to project curator Medet Turgambayev. he inventors are Dias Zhunisbekov and Yergali Adambayev, students at the International Information Technologies University (IITU). The keyboard is currently made in small batches in Chinese factories and they have been searching for a means to transfer production to Kazakhstan.“The surprising downsides of being clever" - If ignorance is bliss, does a high IQ equal misery? Popular opinion would have it so. We tend to think of geniuses as being plagued by existential angst, frustration, and loneliness. Think of Virginia Woolf, Alan Turing, or Lisa Simpson – lone stars, isolated even as they burn their brightest. As Ernest Hemingway wrote: “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know." "Kazakhstan's Massive Oil Field Is Finally Getting Repaired" - Production at the largest oil fields found in 30 years is scheduled to resume in 2017.

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