Kazakhstan ranked third in the world on rates of housing appreciation- poll

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Kazakhstan has been ranked third in the world on the rates of housing prices growth in 2014, reports the company Knight Frank, kaztag reports.

According to the messages, posted on the site of the company, according to the Prime Global House Index, the highest rates of housing prices growth were registered in 2014 in Ireland- 16.3%, Turkey -16.2%, Kazakhstan- 14%, Hong-Kong - 11.7%, Lithuania- 10.7%.
The prices mostly fell in Ukraine - 16.7%, Cyprus - 8.2%, Slovenia- 6.7%, Greece - 6.1%, Greece- 6.1%, Poland- 5.8%.
In average the average world prices for residential real estate increased by 1.8% in 2014, which has been the lowest rate since the third quarter 2012.
In the fourth quarter 2014 the housing prices in the world dropped for the first time in two years, losing 0.6%.

March 18 2015, 11:54

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