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News Review 2014: AkZhaik’ biggest stories of the year (New year nominations)

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Family of the year

A couple from Esbol village in Inder – Asylbek Khassanov and Kaly Gumarova after their biological children grew up, got married and left the family decided to adopt 2 kids from the orphanage (they are on a photo with Kaly Gumarova). Now little Batima hugs her Mom and 9th grade Erasyl helps the parents to run the farm.  Good luck!




Man of the year

Erlan Koumiskaliev is elected the Man of the Year two years in a row, because his persistence once again proves that you can enter the same water twice.  He helps sick children with cerebral paralysis, autism, Down’s syndrom using his method of canistherapy. He uses his clever and gentle-natured dogs to cure the children. He had no premises, no money at the beginning, but he managed to find people who assisted him in his endeavor and now Erlan has a “roof” where children with disabilities are also taught grammar and maths. His public organization is called “Malen’kaya strana” (Little country).


Patron of the year

Nurassyl Amandyk (on a photo) is a 2nd  grade pupil. He donated all the money that he collected to the public organization – “Malen’kaya strana” (Little country) where kids with disablitiers, cerebral paralysis, autism, Down’s syndrome get the treatment with canistherapy. He learnt about this organization from the article in our newspaper and asked his grandma to take him to those kids so that he can donate his collection to help the disadvantaged kids.


Gift of the year

An unexpected and pleasant gift was made by the guys from Aktau to the Atyraulians. It was a 3 minute video about our city “I love Atyrau”. The “Expedition+362” from Aktau is the team of enthusiasts who travel in the country, make photos and videos about Kazakhstan and post them in Internet. The sincere video was warmly welcomed by the citizens of our city.



Double of the year

This wedding attracted the attention of many. Two twins married another pair of twins. So, they don’t have children yet, but it would interesting to learn that in the future: will these couples give birth also to twins? Let’s wait.




Road accident of the year

This doubtful nomination is given to Altyngul Maeva, the former assistant secretary of the Atyrau city court # 2, who received one year of conventional imprisonment for running over the pedestrian on the pedestrian walk. Though the outcome was fatal, the judge Baktygul Dyusebalieva once again proved that Femida employees maintain their ground when it comes to protecting their colleagues.  



Hangout of the year

Putin’s arrival to Atyrau for the interregional forum of near-border countries -Russia and Kazakhstan. Due to this event all the roads in our city were resurfaced, a new palace for wedding ceremonies built (what was wrong with the old one?), exhibition hall (that is now on sale), government officials purchased new flash cars for businesses. 



Disappointment of the year

The delay of the Kashgan oil production due to faulty pipes turned out to be costly for Kazakhstan. According to experts the country loses on a daily basis  $3 million, which makes it over $1 billion per year, equalling to 0,5% of country’s GDP.


Accessory of the year

Clocks (watches) can tell a lot about their owners – about his position in the society, his income, sense of style and perception of esthetic … About what could 20 million tenge worth clock in plastic pots tell us that is installed on airport highway? Perhaps, that plainness for big money is a new trend in world fashion of a city landscape? Or that such choice is similar to a spittle if not into eternity, then into the face of the citizens that pay for these optional items with their taxes.


The trial of the year

On January 23 the court trial of the ex-governor Bergey Ryskaliev’s organized criminal group case started. It lasted nearly a year. The sentencing was announced on November 14.  Altogether on the trial bench there were 22 defendants. The court materials made 700 volumes, the sentencing alone made 10 volumes (1500 pages). It  took  the judge Gulmira Dauletova 7 hours to read the protocol of the court. Total amount of years of imprisonment equaled to 120 years and the cumulative sum presented for collection from the defendants was 80,9 billion tenge.


Crash of the year

At  17.55 hrs on April 19 in Kyzyl-Koga district near Sagiz station 13 passenger trains  of Almaty-Atyrau train were derailed. There were 586 passengers and 26 conductors. Two rail workers were found guilty of this crash. The haven’t followed the temperature regime during the replacement of the railway section, therefore the rails bended at +24 C in April. The machinist noticed the bend and pressed the emergency brakes. Trains turned over due to sudden brakeage. The rail workers got 1 year suspended sentencing each. 


Bribe of the year

300 thousand dollaras for increase of power tariff at 80 tiyn for 1 kilowett-hour paid Atyrau Zharyk power supply company (according to the version of the investigation team) to the Chairman of the natural monopoly regulation agency Murat Ospanov. He was detained on July 1. Arman Aktai was alos detained, who is accused of acting as mediator in bribe giving. Aivar Rakhmanov, Atyrau Zharyk CEO refused to give comments on this case and denied the fact of bribe giving.

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