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Kazakhstan starts new gas field operation

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A solemn ceremony of "Zharkum" gas field experimental-industrial operation was held in Kazakhstan, dedicated to the Day of the First President of the country, KazTransGas JSC said Nov. 28, refers to trend.

"The geological gas and gas condensate reserves at Zharkum field stand at 1.273 billion cubic meters and 41,000 metric tons respectively,” the statement said. “The recoverable dry gas and condensate reserves are 833 million cubic meters and 26,000 metric tons. The resources can serve as a source of fuel for Zhambyl area for 27 years. Using the extracted raw materials is beneficial to consumers. It is cheaper and superior than the imported Uzbek gas in terms of heat transfer."

KazTransGas will deal with the experimental-industrial operation of the field. The field is located 215 kilometers from the city of Taraz.

The experimental-industrial operation at "Zharkum" field aims at developing the resource base and increasing the natural gas and gas condensate production volumes, said the statement.

A gas gathering station, a gas treating facility and the ‘Amangeldy-Zharkum - first stage’ gas pipeline with a capacity of 210 million cubic meters per year were also commissioned.

At the initial stage, the gas will be produced from four wells in the field. The nominal design capacity of the gas gathering station at the Zharkum field stands at 87.6 million cubic meters of purified gas per year, or 240,000 cubic meters per day.

With the commissioning of the Zharkum field, the total gas production in 2015 in Kazakhstan will stand at 380 million cubic meters.

The Zharkum field belongs to the Amangeldy gas fields group. Thanks to the continuous geological exploration, the Amangeldy Gas LLP is step-by-step commissioning new fields of the Amangeldy group, thereby securing a significant increase in the production volumes up to 500 million cubic meters per year.

The message said it is scheduled to drill exploration and appraisal wells at the Airakty field, and the Barhannaya-Sultankuduk and Koskuduk sites.

The seismic explorations are being carried out at the Anabai field.

KazTransGas JSC was created in 2000 to systematize the works in the oil and gas industry, and it operates under the corporate asset management in the exploration, production, transportation and distribution of gas.

KazTransGas JSC is the national gas and gas delivery operator, having successful experience in the gasification of regions of Kazakhstan and possessing the human, technical, technological, financial and economic potential.

KazTransGas includes businesses and organizations mining, transporting and selling gas and gas processing products.

November 28 2014, 16:30

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