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At the week-end the temperature is expected to drop down to -7 degrees C

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During night time the temperature is even expected to drop down to -10 degrees C, both in the northern and southern regions of the republic.

Yesterday the temperature on most of the territory of the republic, except for extreme southern regions, was by 3-8 degrees C above the climatic norm. But already today under the influence of the Arctic cold front which is displaced from the West Siberian regions, the temperature started to drop followed by precipitations: mainly snow and fog, as well as formation of black ice. And at the weekend the weather is expected to remain the same, refers to

On November 10, Monday, cold anti-cyclone, formed over the northern regions of Scandinavia, will plunge into the territory of the republic. Precipitation will reduce and temperature will drop down to 2-7 degrees C at night, and in some regions even down to -10-15 degrees C.

The weather in the southern and southeast regions of Kazakhstan, that are in the zone of cyclone influence, will not differ from the weather in the northern half of the republic. In the nearest three days no big difference in temperature and precipitation is expected here.

Translated by Zeena Urynbassarova

November 8 2014, 07:13

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