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Jeb Bush Slams Hillary Clinton in a Possible Preview of the 2016 Presidential Elections

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Jeb Bush leveled harsh criticism at Hillary Clinton at a GOP rally in key state Colorado.Jeb Bush leveled harsh criticism at Hillary Clinton at a GOP rally in key state Colorado.Jeb Bush criticized Hillary Clinton yesterday night at a GOP rally in Colorado in regard to her earlier remark that business enterprises do not create new jobs.

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush harshly criticized Hillary Clinton, a potential 2016 presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, condemning a comment she made a week ago during a rally with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, reports.

“This last week I saw something that was breathtaking, a candidate — a former secretary of state who was campaigning in Massachusetts — where she said that, ‘Don’t let them tell you that businesses create jobs,’” Bush said, as quoted by Associated Press.

Jeb Bush, the brother of former President George W. Bush Jr. and the son of former President George W. Bush Sr., is considered a potential GOP candidate for the 2016 Presidential campaign. Prior to blasting Hillary yesterday, she had said her remark was “a slip of the tongue”. Despite that, Jeb managed to capitalize on her words as the crowd he addressed seemed irritated by Hillary’s opinion on private incentive.

“Well, the problem in America today is that not enough jobs are being created [but] they are created by business,” Bush contended.

Both Bush and Clinton have said they consider running for President in 2016. During past two years they were seen together in public twice: at an education conference and at a National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. However, their positions within their respective parties are not equal. While Clinton is the strongest of the potential Democratic candidates for President, Jeb Bush is now only gaining publicity. Bush’s strongest feature has been his ability to monopolize on Hispanic voters for the GOP, as he speaks Spanish fluently and has had vast experience dealing with Latino communities as Florida’s governor.

Most of the mainstream media have speculated that Bush’s attack on Clinton could be a preview of the 2016 campaign, which itself might turn out to be a repeat of the 1992 Clinton-Bush campaign, yet with a slightly different background and outcome.

October 30 2014, 16:02

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