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Karate Master Classes from British Linda Sensei

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By Anastasiya Pastoukhova

Linda Marshandt Linda Marshandt The only woman in the world that holds the 7th dan rank in godzyu-ryu karate arrived to Atyrau from Britain to give master classes in this type of martial arts.

Linda Marshandt (on aphoto) lives in Tooting (southern London) and arrived to our city at the invitation of the local “Kaisar” sports club.

She’s never been to Kazakhstan before and Atyrau is the first city that she visited in Kazakhstan.

For local karate-goers her arrival is an important event.

Linda is the founder of the world famous Tooting Karate club in her native town where she trains women.

- I used to work at senior positions in Lloyds Banking Group and Royal bank of Scotland, but then I fully devoted myself to martial arts,she says.

- I counted that I dedicated to karate 38 years of my life. My parents brought me to karate section when I was 13. The path in karate was long, and it still proceeds. I received the 7th dan in karate godzyu-ryu in Japan where I was tested by the leading masters of this type of martial arts.

Isn’t it difficult for a seemingly fragile woman to be in this type of sport that is generally dominated by men?

- Throughout my whole banking career I struggled with men who doubted my abilities. But godzyu-ryu it something special, it is different. I hope that my success will inspire other women. I agree that there will be difficulties, but constant trainings will help to achieve a lot. In my master classes in Atyrau I taught energy kata.

Master classes conducted by Linda were possible thanks to such companies as Zhakhan Atyrau LLP (director Erkin Kurmanov),  OIL Tech Consulting LLP (director Aksholpan Irkenova), “Dolphin” car wash and “Hunting and Fishing” shop (manager Elena Kalmykova) and “Sanchak” restaurant (director Deniz Demirdzhi).

 “Kaisar” sports club extends its gratitude to all sponsors for their assistance.

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