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NCOC and NCPOC handed over to city new children's hospital and AIDS center

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By Zulfiya Bainekeeva

On September 18, NCOC and NCPOC handed over to the authorities of Atyrau Oblast two new facilities -  the Regional children's hospital designed for 110 beds and the Center for prevention and fight against AIDS.

The facilities were built consistently with the North Caspian consortium commitments under PSA (Production Sharing Agreement).  The construction of the new building of the hospital and major refurbishment of old building cost 17 million dollars. The hospital designed for 110 children includes two surgical departments, resuscitation and orthopedic departments, wards for newborns, patients with burns, first-aid post and a drugstore. The hospital is also equipped with power substation and own boiler room.

The new regional center for prevention and fight against AIDS offers a wide range of specialized services for the people living with HIV: diagnostics and consultations of the gynecologist, dermatologist, venereologist, dentist, psychologist, infectiologists and pediatrician.

According to Pierre Delpon, NCOC Director of External Relations, within PSA framework the consortium is currently working on development of projects and also has already started the construction of a number of gasification, electrification and water supply facilities, as well as roads, schools, kindergartens and hospitals. In the forthcoming months two more health care facilities will be completed in our region: infectious diseases hospital and children's sanatorium.

Photos by Kanat Eleuov

September 22 2014, 12:22

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