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Light airplane crash-landed in the Caspian Sea

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Light airplane flying from Russian city of Samara to Iran made a crash-landing in the Caspian Sea, azh. kz reports.

The information was provided by the press-service of Mangistau Oblast Emergency Situations Department. According to the press service, the aero navigation dispatcher reported that today at 14:50hrs that light airplane crash-landed with two pilots on board.

To rescue the pilots the “Egemen” patrol ship was sent from Aktau and Mi-8 helicopter took off from Atyrau with three rescuers and two crew members on board.

The press service reported that “the plane was on its way from Samara city (RF) to Iran via Uralsk and Aktau cities (KZ), but crash-landed in the Caspian Sea on the border of Atyrau and Mangistau Oblasts. Both pilots have been rescued. They are safe and sound”, - the press service reported.

August 8 2014, 16:59

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