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KZT 17mln worth IPO sold out in Atyrau in a day

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Total cost of the applications to buy shares within the People’s IPO made 17mln tenge on the first day (November 6) in Atyrau, according to Altynai SAMIYEVA, the head of financial services of Atyrau oblast branch of KazPost JSC.

- Another 10 clients made broker agreements to open accounts at the central depositary, she added.

She also said the oblast branch KazPost is busy with potential clients, as well as those who haven’t taken decision yet:

- Pensioners and youth ask us to explain everything. We even feel a kind of rush – people are afraid to be late. To calm them down we explain them that we receive applications till December 5.  

To begin with, KazTransOil has offered common stock at the cost of 725 tenge for a share.


November 7 2012, 17:40

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