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“Day of Turkic script", “Kazakh Adventure of RB7”, “Charitable champ: Anonymous Saudi man sets up charity fridge for the needy”, “Rubik's Brainteaser Cube 40th Birthday's”, “Canned for a kiss: Iranian actress in trouble with Tehran"

1 193 просмотрs “Canned for a kiss: Iranian actress in trouble with Tehran for puckering up on the Cannes red carpet” - An internationally renowned Iranian actress is in trouble with authorities in the Islamic Republic after she was photographed kissing the president of the Cannes Film Festival which she attended last week, AFP reported on Monday.

“Charitable champ: Anonymous Saudi man sets up charity fridge for the needy” - Saudi and Gulf citizens have heaped praise on a man who placed a refrigerator in front of his house in the northern Saudi city of Hail and invited people to donate food to help the needy. The open air donation would spare the needy the “shame” of asking for food, the man, who was not named, said. The move came to national and international attention after a religious scholar, Shaikh Mohammad Al Araifi, paid tribute on his Twitter account to “the Saudi man from Hail who was engaged in an indirect act of charity.” “Rubik's Cube 40th Birthday Google Doodle: How To Solve Erno Rubik's Brainteaser Quickly” - Today we're celebrating the 40th birthday of the Rubik's Cube, a 3D combination puzzle game with 43 quintillion combinations that tests memory, spatial reasoning and critical thinking. “Kazakh Adventure” - Our Live Demo team will be next appearing in Almaty in Kazakhstan, for a show run taking place between the grands prix of Monaco and Canada. David Coulthard will be making a welcome return to showcar action, piloting the Red Bull 7 racing car through the streets of Kazakhstan's most populous city. The Live Demo show will take place on Sunday, 1 June and is, as usual, entirely free to attend. In addition to the mighty RB7, also appearing will be Ukrainian drift champion Aleksandr Grinchuk showing off an awesome set of skills that have to be seen to be believed. “Gray Zone: Mariupol Sinks Into Power Vacuum” - Aweek after the southeastern port city of Mariupol saw some of the worst violence of the Ukraine crisis so far, an uneasy calm has fallen over the city. But it is not the kind of calm which comes from government forces clearly defeating separatists -- or vice-versa -- and then restoring order. “Day of Turkic script of paramount importance for peoples of Asia - Dr. Develi” - "The entire Turkic world awaits for Kazakhstan to transfer to the Latin script in order to communicate without language and script barriers," Dr. Hayati Develi of the Yunus Emre Institute said at the international forum "The Day of Turkic Script" in Astana on Monday.



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