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Kazakhstan wants two nuclear plants instead of one

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There is a possibility that two nuclear power plants will be built in Kazakhstan instead of the long-awaited one. Chairman of KazAtomProm, Kazakhstan national nuclear company, Vladimir Shkolnik talked about the plans to Astana TV channel.

"Yes, it is possible. But, then as you understand, there is the financing issue to it that needs to be addressed. It is a serious and long term investment," Shkolnik said.

The committee initiated by President Nazarbayev has identified two possible locations for the construction: in Kurchatov and near lake Balkhash. Research and designing works at the completion stage. "And all the subsequent procedures will go in hand with the IAEA standards. All the requirements will be met and the decisions will be made adhering to the best international practices," the head of the atomic company said.

He added that despite the earlier planning to construct the plant in Aktau, in the country's west, the region had been dropped as a possible location. "We are not considering Aktau for the moment, but it is still on our list,” Shkolnik said.

Vladimir Shkolnik is among the 17 professionals from all over the world who have been selected to consult the organizers of the next nuclear security summit that will be held in Washington D.C. in 2015.

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