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Atyrau to host 2nd international business forum - AtyrauInvest-2014

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Atyrau will host the 2nd international business forum, AtyrauInvest-2014 on April 3, 2014, National Export and Investment Agency of Kazakhstan, Kaznex Invest JSC informed.

"Atyrau will host the 2nd business forum, AtyrauInvest-2014 on April 3. Within this business forum a Regional Investment and Economic Forum entitled 'Expert-West Kazakhstan' will be held for the first time," the agency said.

'Expert-West Kazakhstan' is a research project, according to Kazakh Invest. Expert-West Kazakhstan project aims to contribute to improving the investment climate and to reveal the main tendencies of business development in West Kazakhstan," Kaznex Invest said.

Representatives of Kazakh Ministry of Regional Development, large and medium regional business, leaders of regional administrations (executive bodies), representatives of development institutions, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, the National Export and Investment Agency, Kaznex Invest, auditors and consultants, representatives of domestic and foreign companies serving large and medium businesses, the financial sector (banks, microfinance institutions, insurance companies) will participate at the event.

"The forum's themes will include: 'Investment climate in Western Kazakhstan: prospects and priorities', 'Development of infrastructure to attract and support investors - the most important condition for the implementation of the western region's investment potential', 'The role of large business in the region's development,' 'Creating a favorable environment for the development of SMEs [small and medium enterprises] in western Kazakhstan'," Kaznexc Invest said.

March 13 2014, 19:03

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