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First in the world positive-energy city to be constructed in Kazakhstan by 2017

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EXPO-2017 Master PlanAstana EXPO-2017 Master Plan by Adrian Smith+Gordon Gill Architecture'sThe first energy-positive city will be constructed in Kazakhstan by 2017. The Minister of Environment and Water Resources Nurlan Kapparov said about the concept of architectural complex EXPO-2017, correspondent reports.

 "Kazakhstan is going to get the first ever constructed energy-positive city, i.e. the city will emit more energy, than it consumes. It doesn't mean that the city won't consume energy at all. In windy and sunny weather the energy complex will supply with energy the city and if possible accumulate energy in power storages but when there is no the sun and wind it will in its turn take the power from the city. As for the energy balance then it will be positive. Its average year consumption will be less than it produces," Nurlan Kapparov said.

March 5 2014, 13:13

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