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Prosecutors suggest to toughen punishment for violations in hiring foreign workforce

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Kazakhstan General Prosecutor's Office recommends taking effective measures to severe employers' responsibility for violations in intake of expats, reported the agency's media service after its latest board meeting.

In particular, it is advised to reconsider the procedure of establishing quota on intake of expats; to delegate to public employment agencies the control over employers' compliance with special conditions for intake of expats, and to introduce a black list of dishonest employers.

'Analysis of law obedience in public employment sector identified active flow of foreign workforce into Kazakh labor market, as well as lack of appropriate control over the use of foreign workforce.'

'With the connivance of local executive bodies, violations of foreign workforce attraction procedures; the use of knowingly false documents to obtain permits and intake of unqualified expats take place on a regular basis. Kazakh legislation is being ignored at all levels and the rights of Kazakh employees are often discriminated,' the prosecutors stated.

According to the media service, 11 criminal proceedings have been launched upon the audits performed by prosecution bodies. 2230 persons have been brought to administrative account. 1396 foreign work permits have been recalled, another 271 suspended. 238 expatriate workers were deported from Kazakhstan.

Upon the results of the board meeting, General Prosecutor's Office will report to the government about corrective actions taken and recommend to enhance effectiveness of application of laws that regulate attraction of foreign workers to the country.


October 23 2012, 14:25

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