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Kazakh Company started to build “Space Harbour” for tourists in Baikonur

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By Zeena Urynbassarova

Marat Igaliyev, the chairman of the committee of tourism industry of the RoK Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, had a meeting with Oleg Ostapenko, the Head of Federal Space Agency of Russian Federation in Baikonur space-launch site on December 26, reads the Ministry press service report.

They expressed a joint interest in establishment of a proper tourism infrastructure in Baikonur and the construction of “Space Harbour” .

The parties agreed to hold next round of talks in January 2014 where they plan to sign the final documents for development of tourism in the area.

The Kazakh Company “Diamond Trans” LLP invested about $1 mln dollars into “Space Harbour” project, developed design documentation and received approval from experts’ committee. They completed earth work activities and started to erect the steel blocks of six-storey complex with transparent dome where tourists can look at rocket launching”- reads the Ministry statement. 

December 26 2013, 14:14

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