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General Prosecution and Ministry of Internal Affairs explained the reasons for extermination of terrorists

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"Commander of anti-terrorist operation decides to exterminate terrorist(s) only in those instances where the aim of negotiations can not be achieved due to terrorists' refusal to stop terrorist activity posing threat to lives and health of people," said Serikkali Mukashev, the representative of General Prosecutor's Office.

The laws on national security bodies and law enforcement services provide the use of weapons and special measures in the above case.

"Officers involved in anti-terrorist operations, aim to neutralize terrorists without inflicting damage to their lives and health. In all the recent anti-terrorist operations force structures took all possible measures to detain terrorists without using power methods (weapons, special means)" says General Prosecution emphasizing that officers use weapons strictly within the law.

The Internal Affairs Ministry claims terrorists were offered to negotiate, however the bandits didn't even think of surrendering.

"We take all measures: evacuate people, cut gas supply. We engage in negotiations, we offer all possible solutions, but there is no need to send people to face death. Remember the latest event in Atyrau -- although seeing a 10-fold bigger number of police forces they continued to run and shoot back till the end. I don't see a reason for endangering our people," said Kalmukhanbet Kassymov in response to the question why terrorists get killed during special operations without any attempts to catch them alive.


October 18 2012, 14:47

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