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"Kazakh 'Bridenapping' Caught On Video", "Harry Potter to speak Kazakhsha in 2014",“New Russian Translation of Quran Proposed After 'Extremist' Ban”,“Kazakhstan created the first antivirus software”,

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themoscowtimes. “New Russian Translation of Quran Proposed After 'Extremist' Ban”- The Council of Muftis of Russia has proposed to release a new Russian translation of the Quran two months afterone of the most widely read translations of the holy book was banned. “Kazakhstan created the first antivirus software” - Young Ust-Kamenogorsk programmer Andrey Gorkovenko created Kazakhstan's first antivirus -software AWS CORE 2014. “Kazakhstan’s State Media Subsidies Promote Feel-Good Factor”- Astana spends millions of dollars a year on media subsidies, with the lion’s share used to promote the administration’s messages through powerful state media outlets. Much of the subsidized coverage is aimed at generating a “feel-good factor” among Kazakhstan’s public, a new study has found.

tengrinews. "Harry Potter to speak Kazakhsha in 2014" - The Harry Potter series will be translated into Kazakh in 2014,  reports citing the Marketing Director of Azbuka-Attikus publishing house Dmitri Yaronov.

"Karaganda starts producing glue from blood elements" - The oblast's Blood Center based in Karagada city has started producing its own fibrin glue, also known as fibrin sealant. "The unique medical glue is manufactured from blood elements. It enables surgeons to make nonsuture surgeries and take control of bleedings faster," the Karaganda oblast's Akimat (Local Authorities) reported. "Kazakh 'Bridenapping' Caught On Video" - Ah, romance -- the kicking, the hair-pulling, the slapping, the shouts from in-laws that "this marriage is going to happen!" These are the memories of a Kazakh "bridenapping" that can be shared with everyone now that a video of a one-sided courtship has made it to Facebook.

December 9 2013, 15:57

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