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In 2014, Kazakhstan plans to introduce visa-free regime for 34 OECD states

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Next year, Kazakhstan plans to establish a visa-free regime for 34 states that are members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. This was announced at today's press briefing by the official spokesman of the Central Communications Service, Altai Abibullayev, reports.

"This is naturally because of Astana's hosting EXPO-2017. This is also due to the industrial and innovation policy of our country, attraction of investments in Kazakhstan. But at the same time, it can also contribute to the increase of EXPO-2017 visitors,"- Abibullayev said .

He reminded that currently Kazakhstan has a visa-free regime with a pretty long list of countries. It is also planned to extend the list of direct flights to Astana from many capitals of the world. 

Earlier, it was reported that Kazakhstan will simplify visa procedures for certain categories of persons arriving in Kazakhstan in connection with the organization and conduct of EXPO-2017. A.Abibullaev explained that "easy" means fewer visa formalities and cost. 

"RK Ministry of Foreign Affairs is slated to issue new visa stickers with the logo of Expo-2017", - he added.

December 9 2013, 15:52

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