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Kazakhstan representatives at Miss World and Miss Universe unveiled

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Ainur Toleulova, 18, will represent Kazakhstan at the most prestigious beauty pageant Miss World, that to be held on September 28 in Indonesia, reports.

Ainur Toleulova (in pink) was born in Taldykorgan, now she is studying in a university in Almaty. She won Miss Kazakhstan title in 2011, but was only 17 years old last year, so she was eligible to participate in the 2012 Miss World contest.

Catwalking in swimsuits at the Miss World-2013 has been canceled this year to avoid negative reaction from the Muslim-majority host-country, Instead of bikinis the participants will be wearing conservative beach suits.

Zhazira Nurimbetova (in white) from Shymkent will represent Kazakhstan at another prestigious beauty contest Miss Universe, that to be held on November 9 in Moscow, Russia. Zhazira won her Miss Kazakhstan title in 2012. She graduated from Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University recently and was among the debutants of the 5th Charity Ball in Almaty.


August 12 2013, 15:28

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